2010 Alumni Tournament Brackets

Here are the brackets – please let me know if you see any issues/mistakes with them. We have a lot of basketball to get in.

NOTICE: The Brackets have changed on 12/23/2010 – due to a team dropping.

2010 Alumni Tourney Planning

Well it’s that time of year again and I am beginning the planning for the 2010 Alumni Tournament. This year’s tournament will be held on Saturday January 1st and Sunday January 2nd. I won’t create the schedule until I get a good idea on the number of teams, but it most likely will be very similar to last year’s schedule – so that means starting at 8am Saturday morning New Years day 🙂

What I need from you is to know whether or not your class/team will be playing in this years tournament. Also if you could pass this around to anyone you think might want the information that would be great. As always the most up to date information can be found at www.AlumniTourney.com, and I the facebook page can be found here http://www.facebook.com/pages/Hortonville-Alumni-Tournament/183023247949

The cost per team will be $120 and is due before your first game. We will have a girls bracket again this year if there are enough teams. We will be keeping the $20 technical rule from last year. If you get a technical you are ejected from the game until you pay $20 to at the scorers table. Luke Kloen you are still ejected from the tourney until we get your $20 from last year 🙂

We will very likely have the 3 point contest again this year – just need to find a good time to squeeze it in so that we have maximum participation. Entry fee will be $3 for each person that wants to enter – with trophy for the winner.

If you know for sure if your team is going to be in the tournament please let me know as soon as possible A captain with a cell phone number and email address would be helpful as well. Cost will be $120 per team due before your first game. I would like to finalize the teams by Sunday Dec 12th so please contact your team and let me know as soon as you can.

Jeremy Coenen