2009 Alumni Tourney Winners

Guys Champions – 2003
Guys MVP – Aaron Ratka (2003)

Girls Champions – 2006-07
Girls MVP – Shanon Shaenzer (2006)

3 point Champion – Curt Hartfiel (1999)

2009 Alumni Tournament Champions - 2003

2009 Finalized Alumni Tournament Brackets

Below are the finalized Alumni Tournament Brackets.

2009 Alumni Tournament Planning

Well it’s that time of year again and I am beginning the planning for the 2009 Alumni Tournament. This year’s tournament will be held on Saturday Dec 26th and Sunday December 27th. Most of the details are still being worked out, but it is likely that a bulk of the tournament will be held on Saturday and the finals will be held earlier on Sunday.

What I need from you is to know whether or not your class/team will be playing in this years tournament. Also if you could pass this around to anyone you think might want the information that would be great. As always the most up to date information can be found at www.AlumniTourney.com, and I also created a facebook page for the tournament because I guess that’s what young people use these days. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Hortonville-Alumni-Tournament/183023247949

The cost per team will be $120 and is due before your first game. We will try to continue the girls bracket again this year if there is enough interest (sounds like I already have 2 teams). I have always been more lenient with the girls requirements as far as mixing classes to form a team, because well the girls have trouble fielding teams and don’t take this alumni stuff as serious as the guys do (ala phone calls and emails in June wondering when the Alumni Tourney is so they can plan their holidays). One rule I will add though this year is that you can only play on 1 Alumni Tourney team, thought this was obvious, but last year we had an issue with that. All I care is that you play with girls roughly your same age and you stay on one team.

One new rule that I will be adding this year is that if your team gets a technical the team must pay an additional $20 for each technical before the player assessed the technical can come back into the game (thanks to whoever gave me that suggestion last year) – if the player does not return the team still owes the $20 before they can play their next game. Regardless of the $20 rule unsportsmanlike conduct, fighting, or constant harassment of the officials will get you kicked out of the tournament immediately and for good. This has been much less of an issue the last few years, but lets keep it this way – this is a friends/family event and 99% of the time its not the officials fault you got old and aren’t very good at basketball anymore 🙂

We will have the 3 point contest again this year. Anyone is allowed to enter for a $3 fee – the 3 point contest will be held at the end of the night on Saturday before we head to the league party (location to be determined yet)

If you know for sure if your team is going to be in the tournament please let me know as soon as possible A captain with a cell phone number and email address would be helpful as well. Cost will be $120 per team due before your first game. I would like to finalize the teams by Sunday Dec 13th so please contact your team and let me know as soon as you can.

Jeremy Coenen